Large Common Bath

Large Common Bath

The large common bath is located on the first basement floor. Visitors are welcome to take a break for refreshment and for relaxation after work.

Shallow-soaking bathtub and deep-soaking bathtub

The large main bathtub in the common bath features two types of bathtubs: a shallow bathtub where guests can stretch their legs and relax and a deep bathtub where guests can soak all the way up to their shoulders.

Steam sauna

The steam sauna offers a clean, gentle mist that wraps around the whole body. Compared to a traditional dry sauna, the temperature is lower with less stimulation on the body causing less dehydration. This makes it easier to sweat and offers the same benefits as a dry sauna.

Shower booth

Guests who do not like soaking in a tub and those who only want a quick shower before leaving in the morning can use the shower booth.